Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Noah in Nevada!!

This past week we had Noah home with us and it was simply magical. Liz and Noah were able to spend a lot of time together and I spent as much time at home as possible when I didn't absolutely have to be at school. We got a babysitter one night and took Noah to the Strip where we rode the roller coaster at the New York, New York and saw the sights. It was such a fun outing for us all. The trip couldn't have gone any better. Now we miss him even more though. Funny how that works. WE LOVE YOU NOAH T.!!

Elijah gives sweet kisses.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Udall Flagstaff Family Reunion

Lee Kenyon Udall. THE LEGEND

So I was able to ditch school this last Friday and we went down to Flagstaff, AZ for a little Udall Family reunion. It was great. We had Noah meet us up there, and we rode the ski lift up Snowbowl, saw the Lowell observatory, rode mountain bikes, played games and stayed in some great cabins.

Noah actually came back with us to Vegas, yeah... you heard right... we are soaking up this time with him since we have been looking forward to it for so, so, so long. I will be slacking my study duties this week to spend as much time at home with mi familia as possible.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ode to Steve

Happy Father's Day!!
So I know I'm a little early but I'm still in Mesa and trying to utilize my computer time before we take off. We don't have internet in our home. (you know how it is, living the student life) That's why Steve does all the blog entries while he's at school "studying". So, sorry about the blog update overload.

His good looks give me some handsome boys.
Steve is an amazing dad. He works hard for his family and we sincerely appreciate him. I love his enthusiasm for fatherhood. Our boys are so blessed to have you. They want to say thanks for all the love you show them. We love you dad!

I have some great pics of Steve teaching Noah to ride a bike and skateboard. I wish I could share them but they are from 35mm. Steven has taught Noah so much. To tie his shoes, to read, whistle,.. the list goes on. What would we do with out our dad. I know he loves every minute of it and I look forward to seeing it all again and again.

All the kids love him.

Catching up w/ some old friends

Sarah Skinner and Dominic Luzi wedding.
Sarah, you looked beautiful and everything was perfect.
Liz and Alexis in her cute house.

I had a fun trip to Lake Powell to see Sarah's wedding. I made a stop along the way to see Alexis in Wickenberg. Mom, thanks for watching Elijah. This was my first time away from him. I got emotional but overall, it was pretty nice I must admit. The wedding was a blast and it was fun to catch up with some old friends there.
Elijah, representing UNLV. Go Rebels. Dad is so proud.
Elijah and Cohen

We love visitors! The door's open.

Miriam has been up to visit us several times. Thanks for always making a trip up to see us. You are a fun aunt. The trips may not be so frequent anymore now that you've decided to get tied down. That's right. My baby sister is engaged. Congrats Miriam and Spencer. You are a great match, we love you.
Jill (Steve's sister) also made her second trip up to visit last week. We love her company and we are so excited for our boys to grow up only three months apart.

Thanks mom and dad Kellis for coming out and visiting a few months ago. They are such hardworking and helpful visitors. Dad planted a tree and put up my clothes line and did a lot of yard work. Thanks mom for cleaning my house. You're the bomb.