Friday, November 14, 2008

Veteran's Day parade and Halloween

We had a pretty great Veteran's Day parade outing. It was pretty emotional because we happened to park and stand right next to the grandstand where our mayor gave commendations to injured soldiers from Iraq. Wow... still emotional. There were several soldiers with prosthetic limbs, arm slings, eye patches, etc. They give so much.

Pac-man!!! He had no idea what it was. It was pretty funny. He couldn't really walk well or use his arms right becuase of the design. I think it looks pretty cool though... which is all that matters! Cardboard and spray paint. Easy peesy lemon sqeezy.

VP Sarah Palin?! Liz loves Halloween. I however... am kind of a scrooge, so no, I was not her Iditarod/snowmobile racing husband. Oliver was a skeleton (thanks to the Stoddards).

Monday, November 10, 2008

... back to pics of the kiddos

A recent photo of OSW. He's starting to smile a lot, and he's getting nice and plump.

Elijah being a boy.
I actually recall vividly (I know... it's a rarity) sitting in my original Grandparent's house, in Thatcher, in the back of their kitchen table, on the long wood bench... doing this exact same thing and having my Mom and my Grandma Udall tell me I was crazy for doing this until I made myself sick (not literally). And I wouldn't just do it halfway, I would really push the speed. Anyway, just a weird sidenote. Sorry.