Thursday, December 18, 2008

'I'm dreeeeeaaaaming of a whiiiiiiiiite Christmaaaaaass; just like the ones I uuused to knoooow.' Yep, the white stuff fell here all day yesterday. It was cool. I was thinking though... since Las Vegas (more accurately 'the strip') is probably the closest in evil to hell, you may want to watch out for all those promises you've made ... 'when hell freezes over'!

Ely and Olie, Olie and Ely... la la la la-la.

Elijah Dale checking out his big boy Diego undies. He's doing really well with the potty training. "I dropped a stinky!!!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SIN City

So this is the marque of a bar right next to the Dental School. Can you believe it? Sheesh! You can just see the small UNLV marque underneath it.
BTW... Elijah 'performed' yesterday! He's getting to be such a big boy; running around in his little undies and talking up a storm.

Friday, December 05, 2008


So Elijah is doing pretty well w/ the potty training except el numero dos (aka poo poo). We think he is scarred of doing the deed in the toilet and things are starting to get a little 'backed up'. Advise? I'm thinking of getting him some X-lax or something so he doesn't blow a gasket. We've tried setting the portable DVD player on the bowl and turning him around to watch it so he can just relax and let things happen naturally, but it just aint working out so well. Poor kid.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

THATCHgiving '08

We drove over 1000, yes... ONE THOUSAND miles over this Thanksgiving weekend driving from Vegas to Mesa, then to Thatcher.... and back. No accidents, or breakdowns, or speeding tickets. SUCCESS! We all had a great time. Very laid back. Saw a ton of family in Thatcher and Mesa. Thanksgiving is officially my favorite holiday.

This is out back of my Mom's place. This is actually the sidewall of a copper mine dump truck tire. Grandpa Dave is a whiz at engineering and building.

Yep... Liz milking a cow. This is my cousin Matt and his cow Daisy. Liz was very much excited about this activity. I had to "talk" our city slicker son Noah into doing it, but I think he's better off w/ a little quality life experience.

Eli D. on my Grandpa Udall's new John Deere.

NTW riding Matt's horse.

I wish we had more pictures of the zip line. It was the hit of the weekend. Noah must have gone down it a hundred times. I think I might have been the biggest person to ride it. Note the cable sagging and straining under my fat butt. Yes, that's Elijah on my lap. He loved it, but didn't want to ride it again.