Wednesday, September 19, 2007

nothin' going on

Liz took this rare picture of Elijah sleeping (outside his crib) using her phone when they came to visit the other day. He is so dang cute, and it was just what I needed to keep up the drudgery of my studies.

Not a whole lot else is going on out of the ordinary.

The other day I thought our pipes were busted behind our shower so I got my circular saw out and cut a huge hole in the fiberglass shower surround, only to find out the repair only required me to replace the valve... accessible from the front of the shower. So now we have some waterproof duct-tape holding part of our shower together, but our shower works great!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Year one DOWN!!!!

Dental School is easy. ha ha ha...

So we headed straight to Martha's grandparents cabin after my Friday final... final and we had a great time at the Markham family reunion. We Nevadans were reminded of what water falling out of the sky looks like, I think everyone callied it rAIn, or perhaps 'wrane', I'm not too sure. It was the craziest thing we had ever seen. Yeah, I know, it made everything on the ground wet, and not dusty and sun-scorched! A good time was had by all.