Monday, May 29, 2006

Mr. 9-Day-Old

Here are some cute pics of our precious little Elijah Dale.

Monday, May 22, 2006

ASU Grad. and fun in the sun

Steve graduated from ASU the weekend before last and we had a great time with a BBQ after also. I taught Noah the old-school hop-on-one-foot-to-get-the-water-out of your ear technique and the picture is really funny. Whoever didn't make it missed out on some great snowcones and world class ping pong. Don't make fun of Steve, he put on some sympathy weight for me!

... more pictures

Elijah Dale Wolfington

So here he is!!!! da da da daaaaaaa!!!!! 8lbs, 20 1/4 in. Elijah (Eli for short) Dale (Liz's grandpa) Wolfington. He was born at 3:45 am 'ish all na-tu-ral. Liz started having contractions on the morning of Friday the 19th and we finally decided to go to the hospital at about 7pm that night, checked in and waited in the waiting room for 3 hours in the midst of intense contractions (top picture), and then when she was finally evaluated, she was already at 7 cm. We got a room shortly thereafter (about 12am) and it took until about 3am for her to be fully dilated. Our doctor came and Liz pushed for about 15 min. before our baby boy made his grand entrance. Our doctor (who we call old man river because he is literally in his late 80's) said that he has not seen such a heroic performance from a mother during a natural childbirth for "10 years or so". Liz owned that delivery! She says that she is now a bonified yogi master and will be charging extra for future yoga classes (jk). Mommy and baby are doing well.