Monday, November 22, 2010

siete anos!!

Liz and I took a quick trip to Tucson over the weekend for to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in a sweet hotel, ate some great food, and did a little Christmas shopping. It was fun to get away!
Check out my photoshop skills! Borders anyone? Check!

Liz actually planned the whole trip and found a pretty great hike in Saguaro National Park, just outside of town. It was really windy and quite cold, I must admit. Check out the cactus growing straight out of a tiny crack in the rock.

Classic profile belly shot of the expecting mommy at 20 weeks (or something like that).

Grandma Cindy not only came to watch our kids for our getaway, she brought Sterling and Jenn's kids with her! (Sorry, too lazy to take out the red-eye).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October shtuff

October has come and gone.
Elizabeth is feeling less and less nauseous, but still gets pretty puke-ie (minus the puke-ing) now and again. Maybe more often than I think because she's not big on complaining. She went to PHX for the Sonogram and if there's anyone left who doesn't know--> it's a GIRL. AWESOME! We are pretty darn excited. I was at work, and Liz called me and put me on speaker-phone before she found out... so we could find out together. It was pretty cool. My first question to the tech; "HOW SURE ARE YOU?" We have pretty much decided to opt for midwife/homebirth at this point. We feel great about our/her midwife because of her knowledge, experience, vibe, honesty, etc, etc. Should be pretty interesting.
I have been... 'settling' in, I guess you could say. Everyday is something new. Mostly good. It's a roller coaster! Procedure by procedure, patient by patient, day by day. I hope/foresee with experience... a more even keel. Less surprise and maybe a want for surprise. But as for right now; surprise has me contemplating a Xanax prescription (half joking).
Here are some pictures.

So I put Elijah in this tree and he is not so brave when it comes to heights. He was a good sport for the pictures though.

The Tacketts came to visit, and we had a good visit, hike, hang out... and trunk or treat.

Elijah and Oliver at some pumpkin patch nearby. These boys are really starting to play together more and more. Oli follows Eli around most of the day.