Monday, October 22, 2007

Circus Time!!

Martha E. and Elijah D. went to a small, local circus the other weekend and had a great time. Liz said Elijah could not take his eyes off the animals when they were under the tent watching the show. Liz got Elijah's face painted, they ate popcorn, saw the animals... all while I'm stuck at school studying on a Saturday! Messed up huh? Just kidding, I'm glad they were able to have so much fun. Oh yeah,... Elijah hates clowns.

Mean mommy!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday afternoon B.R.

Nothing beats the Sunday afternoon Bike Ride. So we finally found a bike trailer on Craigs. for Elijah and... he pretty much hates it! I think is is related to how much he abhors his car seat right now. You know... the straps and what-not. On the return route, he wiggled his arms out of the straps and tried to stand up and then cried the rest of the way after we told him to sit down. He is so independent now.

On that note, we are dealing with pre-nursery Eli at church and it is no easy task! It's hard enough during SS and the class we teach, but Sac. is a whole different ball of wax! The kid is non-stop. Liz and I could only laugh because the last couple of weeks, he has been acting so crazy during that hour, I'm sure people think we hop him up on sugar or something. Anyone have any toddler-sacrament activities that we could give a go?

p.s. don't hate us because we have the coolest beach cruisers this side of the Mississippi.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

post weight-loss challenge

Hallelujah, the challenge is over. For those of you who don't know, for the last two months I have been competing in a dental school weight loss challenge with 33 of my classmates. We were in groups of 3 and we put some $ in a pot for the winning team. We gave it our all, and came in 6th out of 11! Weak huh? I know. My concious is clear becuase I worked my tail off and lost 20 lbs. My body fat % went from 11.9 (I know this seems very low as a starting % for me, but our professor took my caliper measurements twice) to a 10.7. I will be returning to my Panda's Express mistress for lunches and late night "you deserve it" meals ASAP.

Sorry, you don't get to see any before and after pics. I didn't take any, and I wouldn't put them on here anyhow! That's about all that is going on in LV for now. Sorry we're a little dull latley!