Tuesday, July 24, 2007

... becuase you wouldn't get your hair cut by somebody with ugly hair... RIGHT?!!

So here it is.... I got my braces on today from a local Dr. here in Vegas. Palatal expander and all. I've already had braces, but that was done while I was in Joseph City/ Holbrook (enough said), so now I get to have it done again... when I'm an adult... and it will hurt twice as much since my bones have quit growing. I talk kind of funny and I am reminded of how sharp the dang brackets are on my cheeks, but oh well. Liz thinks I'm hot.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Elijah Walking!!!

I think we can make it offical and say that Eli is walking (walking > crawling). It's so awesome to see him walk, even though he still wipes out a lot.

Also, you will notice the table tennis racquet (ping pong paddle (for the novice)) in his hand. I'm not pressuring him at this point, but I'm just letting it become comfortable in his hand. As you can see he's already integrating it into his walking, so I think he's progressing well.

Elijah is also getting his molars in, and switching to the one-nap-per-day, so if anyone would like to come up and help Liz graft her hair back into her head (she's pulling her hair out... get it?) we would appreciate it.