Sunday, January 17, 2010


After spending a fun week in Mesa, pre-Christmas... we drove back to Vegas Christmas night and spent the last week of school break w/ Noah at home. The boys slept most of the drive, even though Noah was awfully cramped between the two car seats in the backseat of the Maxima. We have definitely outgrown the 4-door sedan. Noah ordered a cool RC car w/ his Christmas loot, so we played w/ that some, and played some racquetball down at our YMCA. It was fun to have family dinners w/o an empty seat at the table. Elijah loves having his big brother home.

Shmoliver showing off his bun buns, pretending like he didn't know we were snapping a pic.

This is the "candy bar game". Liz did this growing up. You roll two dice and try to get doubles, and when you do... you have to race to put on the random accessories, because after you put them on, you start stuffing your face w/ candy. Meanwhile, the other players keep rolling the dice. It's a hoot.
Liz isn't used to staying up so late.