Monday, November 23, 2009

busy busy busy

So I showed up to the trunk or treat and it was... unseasonably bright outside. Stupid daylight savings time in Nevada. Liz crafted the costume. Duct tape boots. I told people I lost a bet so I wouldn't look like I actually volunteered to wear this. Oh well. Pretty much everyone over 40 had no idea who Nachoooooooooooooooooooo was. Take it easy!
Liz and I went on an exclusive Hoover Dam tour w/ a group from my school. The father of a guy in my class is a tour guide and it was so cool to see the 'innards' of the dam.
Grandma Lindsay flew up to visit Sin City. It was brief, but fun. Turns out Oli is a mega-phone mouth. I wish you all could hear the audio from this picture, and you would know what I mean. It makes church not so fun.

My wife the philanthropist. Elizabeth worked her behind off getting donations from local businesses toward the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada's annual festival of trees and lights. She put together a 'party tree' w/ a gumball machine (seen to my right), bounce house rental, cotton candy machine rental, and a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting... which was auctioned off w/ the $$ going to the organization. Our friends Adam and Julia Olsen got Liz involved. It was a fun night w/ some fancy food.
Oliver is walking. That dang 'ol head creates a top-heavy situation though. He's still working out the physics.
... and a parting shot of Elijah Dale in deep thought. This kid is awesome.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe I've been studying too much, but this was really funny. We eat quite a bit of popcorn 'round these parts, and this is the traditional 'delivery' system by which the uncooked popcorn gets into the micro. He usually nails it on the first throw. This kid brightens my day. I was talking to him on the phone the other night from school, right before he went to bed and he said "daddy, I want you to come to my house". Sad/adorable huh?

The ending of the video was total improvisation. What a goofball.