Friday, July 25, 2008

My wonderful grandmother Leona Udall.

True and beautifully consoling words from Joseph Smith
“…while we are only separated for a short season: their spirits which now exist with God have left the tabernacle of clay only for a little moment, as it were; and they now exist in a place where they converse together the same as we do on the earth…”
“We have reason to have the greatest hope and consolation for those who have passed on, of any people on the earth; for we have seen them walk worthily in our midst, and seen them sink asleep in the arms of Jesus…”
“When men are prepared, they are better off to go hence. The spirits of the just are exalted to a greater and more glorious work; hence they are blessed in their departure to the world of spirits.”

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elijah "fipping"

Not a whole lot is going on 'round these parts... just pluggin' away, day after day, come what may, guys in my class have to work way too hard for an A, don't forget to pray twice a day (which is much harder to do than say), I'm pretty happy with what I currently weigh, not to mention the fact I'll never need a toupee, unfortunately us Wolfington men need new hips by the time we are old and gray. Which brings me to my next point without further delay... there's no better day than today, and I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is there's no point to life if 'yer just going to waste it away. If you're thinking of coming up to Las Vegas to get away... you've definitely got a free place to stay. That is if you are willing to bring my Liz a bouquet, because her pregnant belly is much on display... somewhat to her dismay. Oh yeah, I didn't do so good on my test in X-ray. I promise, this is all that I'll say.