Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eli turns 3 and Memorial Day Fishing

Liz is the Ace of Cakes 'round these parts. Even though you can only see 2 candles, we celebrated Elijah Dale's 3rd birthday two weekends ago. Liz put together a great party w/ a slip-n-slide, kiddy pool, and one of those spray-spinner-hose attachment toys. It was pretty hot and the small corner of shade was definitely in demand.
Eli blowing out his candles.
On our usual route to AZ over the Hoover dam we ran into some dam traffic, so Oliver got to sit on my lap for a while (i.e. we weren't moving). I hate dam traffic. Ha ha. That never gets old. They are doing a lot of dam construction too. Yep, still funny.
Noah driving Pappa Markham's (Liz's mom's father) little 12', 6hp fishing boat that we used to do some serious Trout fishing. You've got to love northern Arizona's trout lakes. Heaven.
Taking the family out for a little mid-afternoon boat ride. It was slightly overcast. It was so relaxing and fun for all. Oliver is sleeping in his car-seat at my feet (out of camera view).
14 hrs of driving, mucho dineros spent on snacks, bait, lures, fishing licences, etc, 5 solid hours on the water = ONE TROUT. Definitely a hit to my ego. Them fish just wernt bittin' I reckon. We threw everything at 'em, but we had a blast out on the water. Brandon Tackett (Liz's sister Catherine's husband) went out w/ Noah and I for some early morning Memorial Day fishing that won't soon be forgotten.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who's got a couple extra bucks?!!

I and 9 other dental students are heading to the Dominican Republic in July for a one week long dental service mission and we are paying our own way for the trip, to the tune of 15 hundred dollars. So I know this probably isn't the best time to be soliciting donations, but if anyone has the means and the desire to do so... a tax deductible donation would be mucho appreciato (that's Spanish (j/k)). No donation is too large or too small. Thanks for the consideration. More information if interested!