Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It may appear my brother is winning this wrAstling match, but it is but a momentary setback I assure you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frustrations w/ Barack

Stimulus Mr. Obama? Ha. More like spending!
In a truly partisan move by our President (who has spoken mostly of bi-partisanship...(laugh)) Barack Obama has pulled out the 'catastrophe' card in his first address to the nation to sell his 809 BILLION (yeah, that's almost a TRILLION) dollar spending bill. Some might say this tactic is reminiscent of what the media accused George W.'s administration of doing, by creating "fear" in order to push political agendas. No doubt we are in a great recession, but catastrophe? There is an ebb and flow in all things, and the economy is certainly not immune. We've enjoyed a ripe decade or so, and now we are in a slowdown... not a surprise.
Instead of developing corporate tax cuts proposed my many lawmakers, which would lower the cost of doing business in the US, which would limit jobs sent overseas thus creating them here... the left wing spending bill is 90% top heavy with social policy and only 10% economic policy. Frustrating!! And another thing I found to be an Obamanation he said during his speach was "nobody wants a hand-out". Are you serious? No one wants a handout? EVERYBODY wants a handout! Show me someone who doesn't want something for nothing, and I'll show you a real life poke-a-dotted unicorn for pete's sake.