Saturday, January 26, 2008

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

I came across this video on YouTube and wow... hold on, I just got something stuck in my eye... (deep breaths)...
I just love our Military. I doubt anyone from our armed forces will see my blog, or this post, but I want to express how appreciative I am of their great service and hard work fighting with their lives to protect us from those absolute cowards.
If you see a veteran or an active duty soldier, step out of your comfort 'bubble' and shake their hand or give them a hug so they know how much their sacrifices mean to us. God bless the USA.

Friday, January 18, 2008

When we were down in AZ for Christmas, we were 3 of 6,329,870 people at Superstition Springs mall and Liz took Elijah on the mall merry-go-round. Not unlike many other 'firsts' in his young life, Eli hated it at first... but as the ride progressed, he loved it and threw a nice little fit when it was time to get off.

We also took Elijah to the nursery where aunt Miriam and uncle Spencer teach. Luckily for Eli, they had some bubbles there because he LOVES BUBBLES!!! He calls them "baboos", and it's so freaking cute. You've got to love that little suit. I think we got that from his big cousin Logan.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Super-post!

Noah and I used Liz's blood money to go and see Penn and Teller when he was home in Las Vegas. I say blood money becuase Liz regularly donates blood and they are apperently short on the red stuff here in NV, so they give some sweet prizes for the donation. This last time they gave her two Penn and Teller (magic/comedy show at the Rio) tickets and she wanted me and Noah to have them. It was a good time.

So just in the last couple weeks Elijah is coming into his own. He is growing up so fast. He is saying all sorts of new words, understanding the words we say and just really becoming his own little person. He likes to say 'MINE', 'BUTT' (for bite), and 'MA MA', and 'NO---WA' (Noah), just to name a few. He's also developed this awesome scream/cry, which is super fun.

Just the other night we were watching his baby-tv channel and I decided to turn it and he started yelling 'NO! NO! NOOOOO!!!'. Liz and I were cracking up and I turned it back promptly. He loves to help push the cart. Thanks to Eli, we don't forget to pray because when we sit down for a meal or finish a book at night-night time, he automatically folds his arms and waits for the prayer. He's a crack-up right now.

We took a quick trip up to Mt. Charleston while Noah was up and had a blast playing in the snow. Eli wasn't too happy about big brother picking him up for this picture. It's crazy this winter wonderland is only half an hour from our desert home.


Liz, Noah, cousin Dane (aka Dane-Train) and I decided to go down and experience the fireworks on the Strip for new years eve. We stood a-ways back from the crazies and it was pretty enjoyable, however chilly we might have been.

Sally Tackett (sorry if I spelled that wrong) surprised us the other day by showing up in Las Vegas with some of her boys (sans Brandon... what's up Brandon?!) and treated us to some mighty fine dinner. My boys weren't on their best behavior, but we had a good time chit-chatting anyhow. Thanks Sally!!!