Wednesday, September 01, 2010

So... Sierra Vista. We like. Awesome weather, job, small town, and not Vegas. This is about 20ish minutes from our house in the Huachuca mountains (Wa-choo-ka).
Tripod = rock.

It has been monsoon-ing ever since we arrived. Much more rain than Mesa. Awesome lightning shows and cracking thunder.
Standing in the partially flooded street.

Oliver hard at work. Such a rough life. O.S.W. turned 2! We didn't do much.


Jill said...

Cohen said, "How come they have to live far? I just want them to live by us."

But good job otherwise.

Jill said...

Side note: Grandma Hazel's brother Hayze Oliver Trukke might be buried there. Scour the cemetaries and let me know. For geneology purposes and all.

Ben & Carly said...

looks beyoutiful, that little Oliver kills me, what a cute guy. how in the world can he be two. I want to go hiking with you.

Amanda said...

I used to live in SV. My dad worked on post. It's big enough to have stuff to do yet not metropolitan.

amberbuck said...

What in the world? How is it so nice down there in SV when it's closer to the equator? That's sweet! You have the same weather that we do here in Reno and I might have to steal that weather thing and put one on our page too. Love the fishing pics and I'm still laughing about you almost pushing a guy overboard to get to your real...nice.

lisa said...

We are so excited for you! It looks beautiful!