Thursday, September 16, 2010

Noah in SV

He's almost up to my shoulders. A few more years and we'll be eye level, I'll bet. Serene backdrop right?
Noah spotted this cool lizard on this rad old barn that we took some family pictures in front of. Christmas cards are comin' baby! Sorry, no sneak peeks... Liz's orders.


Jill said...

Bah-ring post.

Dont you want to tell us about the new practice? Cant you think of any other news that you might want to share with your blog readers?

C'mon man!

amberbuck said... I totally embellished the story cuz I knew it would ruffle your feathers, get your panties in a wad, whatever. I think it's hilarious and Russell disagrees and says he was standing right next to you when the incident all went down.
I'm so excited for you guys that Noah is so close! How fun, everytime I see a pic I can't believe how old he is getting.

amberbuck said...

steve I was between you and the rod when the fish hit so I was right there. Obviously you are not remembering the story. You hit the guy in the chest and knocked the wind out of him. Then you trampled over his little daughter. Finally you punched his grandmother in the face who just so happened to be to close to the rod with the fish on it, which was probably that poor guys rod anyway.

Amy said...

Nice lizard pic. Oh yea you guys look good too!