Friday, August 06, 2010

It's time to FEEEEESH!

So I have to brag a little about a pretty sweet trip I just got back from. One of my best amigos invited me on a last minute, chartered tuna fishing trip down in Mexican waters. We drove to and departed from San Diego and then motored down about 150 miles south for the two and a half day excursion. I guess the fleet, out of Point Loma, have been having an extremely slow season, so I was very lucky / skilled (ha ha) to get 2 fish (aka - 'feeeesh').
HUGE thanks to the Kennedy brothers; Russell (aka - Rew-sal) and Derek (aka - heavy D) for the invite.

Also, thanks to Liz for calling me a pansy, when I was trying to talk myself out of going. "Go; you'll have so much fun! Be spontaneous... GOSH!" I think were her exact words. What kind of wife says stuff like that anyways? I've grown into a fairly boring, practical, geezer over the last couple of years I guess.

I got pretty sick after the first night. Oy! I didn't hack though. Some dudes on the boat had some prescription strength Dramamine derivatives and it did the trick for the most part.

This is Rew-sal (and me) w/ our Albacore. Not record breakers by any means, but decent I think.

This is the yellow-fin... it was so much fun to fight. It was cool because I caught this just in the 'nick of time' you could say. This was the last stop were we baited our hooks and gave it one last go, before we headed back to San Diego. "First in the water gets the fish!"


Wolfingtons said...

I'm glad you went fishing. The steaks you gave us were delicious. Thanks

Jill said...

Where are our steaks? In fact, cant Liz just cook them for us? That'd be nice. I am pregnant, after all!

And those fish look HUGE to me! Did other people catch bigger ones?

Catherine said...

thanks for being an exceptional fisherman and cook, the beer battered fish was so yummy. Whatever happened the rest of the SamAdams? :)

Amanda said...

you look good in rubber boots. ;)

lisa said...

So fun Steve!
Liz, I can't believe you guys are already gone. We would've helped you move! How exciting! We sure will miss you guys!

Ben & Carly said...

Hey I didn't say new BEST friends, really you should know by now that no one can take you guys place. And if it makes you feel better, Ben has been really awkward with meeting new people, it's like he can't figure out how to hang out with people who aren't his buddies. ask him about his dead fish on the carpet impression when we had someone over for dessert. Your trip looks like it was awesome, mmmm and the fish, wish I was there to have some. I miss eating Liz's food. how did the move go?

Ben & Carly said...

Remember that you can only belive half of what Carly says. I made a huge effort with this couple the week before and the guy was super lame.....which is why I fell asleep on the floor when they came to visit the following week (besides, you know that I can sleep anywhere at anytime.) Sure wished you had offered to take me climbing.

PS fishing blows!! Nice catch though!!


shell said...

how come you're not wearing a Freedom T?

get it on!!

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

dang! sounds like I have a big mouth sister! ha ha.

shell said...

your sister is the BEST. You shouldn't be so lucky!!