Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have to admit; I had a good "Daddy" day today. Elijah finally picked up riding his bike, sans training wheels. He fell a couple of time and got some scrapes. It's good for a boy to have some scrapes! I know, I know... he's not wearing a helmet. When we go around the neighborhood I'll have him wear one.

The carnival came to town and it was a great time. I friggin' love the carnival. Sketchy rides and all. The food was the highlight for Liz and I. It is so easy to drop some serious coin at the carnival though if your not careful.

The Ferris wheel was called the "Big Eli".

We went to New Mexico to visit my Dad and his wife Cathy. We also went to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. It was amazing! Too much waking up early though! The balloons could only fly for about a 4 hour window starting at sunrise.


M. G. said...

Great the balloons...glad we don't have to do the fair thing is a lot of money especially as your kids get older.

amberbuck said...

Fun, fun. Kids are supposed to wear helmets? You know the reason you love the carnival so much is because it reminds you of the old days when you used to be a "carni". Don't worry, we attempted to go to the one here because of the crash car derby and the kids were begging to ride one of the rides...needless to say Russell wasn't too happy spending all the cash on rides, he had no problem spending it on the food. That's right. I'm glad you guys had fun, wish we could have been there with you!

Ben & Carly said...

"The food was the highlight for Liz and I." YA FRIGGIN RIGHT! Don't rope Liz into your food fetish, we all know you all to well to believe that. I miss your little guys. I have a great about we apply to dental school again? I'm glad things are working well enough for you to "drop some serious coin" at the have paid your dues. Take care!!!!


Amy said...

I friggin' love the carnival too. Sketchy the ride the better the rush.


lisa said...

Thanks for the tip about the slide clean up. And yes we will be in Thatcher for Thanksgiving! Matt is going through the temple! Cant wait to see you guys!

Cara said...

The balloon festival looks like a blast. Don't feel bad about Eli not wearing a helmet. We don't even own one.