Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what's new

... nothing is new. The Las Vegas-Mesa-Sierra Vista Wolfingtons are still stuck in a Groundhog Day-ish transition period. Not cool.
Lizabeth, Elijah, AND Oliver are just now getting better after a solid week and half of being bedridden-ly sick. I felt like Will Smith in I Am Legend, were I had some weird immunity to whatever bug they had.

The boys playing at BurgerKing.

Elijah and Cohen on the carousel at SS springs mall.
Liz pretending to eat her semi-famous Krabby patty desert treats.


Ben & Carly said...

I know that this is really sappy to say...especially coming from a guy, but I really miss you guys!!!


Bonnie and Jarom said...

What is Liz eating?

Bonnie and Jarom said...

by the way Liz...I like the color of your hair!

Amy said...

Nice I Am Legend reference.