Sunday, January 02, 2011


Sorry, I don't feel like writing much. Just some pictures.

Elijah and Oliver at a recent family photo shoot. There's a really good one with Noah in it that the photographer took that I will post sometime maybe.

Artsie fartsie Christmas morning picture with my phone. I guess these are all with my phone. Our camera is out of commission right now.

Here's what our baby girl looks like at 7 months. Baby is kicking and growing all the while pushing all Liz's organs out of the way.

Here's a pretty cool vid. of Elijah overcoming his fear of heights on a friend's awesome jungle gym thing. His legs flipping over the top edge is the best part.


Ben & Carly said...

Yes I do think our husbands will die first and yes I do think we would be perfect van-mates and yes I do have a life and yes I do sometimes "meditate" in my closet and yes I do need to subscribe to a magazine but I like having a friend around the corner who gives me her old copies better. I miss you terribly. terribly.

Miriam.Hornbarger said...

ah "she" looks so comfy snuggled up between the bladder and kidneys. i like how eli rocked the wall a la jacket! he's got style!