Monday, November 22, 2010

siete anos!!

Liz and I took a quick trip to Tucson over the weekend for to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in a sweet hotel, ate some great food, and did a little Christmas shopping. It was fun to get away!
Check out my photoshop skills! Borders anyone? Check!

Liz actually planned the whole trip and found a pretty great hike in Saguaro National Park, just outside of town. It was really windy and quite cold, I must admit. Check out the cactus growing straight out of a tiny crack in the rock.

Classic profile belly shot of the expecting mommy at 20 weeks (or something like that).

Grandma Cindy not only came to watch our kids for our getaway, she brought Sterling and Jenn's kids with her! (Sorry, too lazy to take out the red-eye).


"MO Family" said...

liz... ur the cutest preggo <3 <3 miss you!! Lemme know if you come in town for the holidays ~~E

Ben & Carly said...

We missed you guys all weekend...I just kept thinking about how much I would love to have you stop by and kick it on the floor with us. Liz you are gorgeous, I always wanted to look like you when I was pregnant. A weekend Ben and I really need to join you in the real world one of these days, school is lame.

Ben & Carly said...

Are you kidding me, don't tease me like that your a rich dentist you should be doing more than thinking about flying out here. oh and someone once told me that posts with a long line of pictures was lame. but seriously I will down load the rest of the card and see what I can flash was acting up and all the pictures turned out blurry.but those Bauerle's are as cute as ever!