Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First new post in a long time!

Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post.

Liz thinks Juniper is growing "so fast", but I think she's hardly changed over these three months. I'm just anxious for her to be old enough for us to scrap around together and wrAstle. She is soooooo dang beautiful. Luckily she's got a gorgeous mom, because I was a little worried what my daughter would look like if she came out looking like my ugly mug. She's throwing out a little Zoolander 'blue steel' pose in the picture above. Already working it!

Oliver is finally talking! Hallelujah! "Oliver, take your bowl to the sink" "I DID DAD, I DID"!! He's 95% potty trained which means we are down to just one mini-person in diapers until the grandkids come-a-knocking. But I don't think Grandpa's change diapers anyway, so there!! Yeah! Plus Liz is using cloth diapers and they stink something fierce.

Elijah is about to start all day kindergarten here in Sierra Vista. Not sure how that's going to go. Liz and I are both excited and nervous about it. Eli is the man, and he likes to make funny faces at the camera.

Noah (Mr. 14-yr-old-about-to-start-at-Mesa-High) came to Sierra Vista for summer break and we had a great time. One day we went to Bisbee and did the Queen Mine tour. It's an old abandoned copper mine, and you get all geared up and ride the original mine carts down 1800 feet into the mine. It was fun!

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Ben & Carly said...

I for one needed this new post and update. oh my I need to hold that baby, she is beautiful just like her mama. She's going to need those mean wrastling skills to keep the boys away. Eli kills me, I love his face...he's going to rule the kindergarten. I say a trip to Kentucky is all you need to round out your summer!