Sunday, March 20, 2011

T-ball excitement

I've been anxiously awaiting Elijah's upcoming T-ball season to begin. Ever since Liz mentioned it to me several weeks ago, I've been looking forward to helping him learn the game and watch him have fun with it. He's using Noah's hand-me-down glove, and we got him hooked up with other necessary practice gear. We were set. We met the coach, had a practice, it was great. He is/was having fun with it until mean ol' Dad (me) demanded too much, too soon; and a nice little father-son, Saturday afternoon practice session in the park turned into hurt feelings and backward progress.

My hat goes off to all the patient Dads out there. I do try, but dangit! Is it an aquired skill? Is it learned from development? Either way, I am definitely lacking.

Oy! Very frustrating.


Jill said...

Shoot, that's how I am with craft projects. I cant just let them do their thing and enjoy it. I always have to tweek it and boss too much trying to make it "right".

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

You definitely get points for effort. It is so classic seeing you guys head out to the park on your bikes with gloves tucked under your arms. Although it may be a memory of frustration, I still think it's better than no memory at all. I love you for trying.

Ben said...

I totally agree with Liz. I give you a lot of credit not only for going out there in the first place, but for also recognizing your frustrations. Too many Dad's don't take the time in the first place....and a good # of those that do are the jerks in the stands yelling at their kid during the game. There is nothing worse than that.
One thing that I know about Steven Lynn Wolfington is that he is a GREAT DAD!!!! and I don't say that about too many men. Thanks for your example! Keep at it.


shell said...

cute kids!