Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graduation / graduation trip

Crazy. Unbelievable.
I would say, in the same breath as "time has flown by",... it has been a friggin' long 4 yrs of dental school! Sheeeeesh! All the hurdles. All the anxiety over those big tests. All the time spent with good friends. And now it all changes. Everything switches. Friends fan out across the country, and Las Vegas becomes 'a place we used to live'. Grades morph into paychecks... and I so VERY rarely say this but... HOLLA!! It's a good thing too because the baby chimpanzee that was on my back when I started school has grown into a plane swatting, chest pounding, damsel stealing King Kong of a monkey (i.e. debt). Elizabeth and I are excited for the future.
Martha E. and I decided to take a trip to Manhattan for a few days and my Mom so kindly agreed to watch the boys during our get away. Thanks again to all the family who made the drive/flight up to Vegas for the graduation. I AM special! Aw, shucks.

Apparently "Lavender" is the 'dental' color for our graduation. Weird.
These dudes have been my family for 4 years. *sniff sniff

Thanks to my Aunt Marcie, and a website called Tripadvisor, our itinerary was strategically executed. We got everything done we wanted to, and then some, w/o feeling rushed.

This picture is on the Brooklyn bridge. We took the subway to the east side, and walked back to Manhattan across the bridge at sunset with the cityscape as our backdrop. Magic!
"Top of the Rock" - Rockefeller Center overlooking downtown.

I have a truck load more pictures, but they are tied up on a memory card that won't allow me to extract the data. Bummer. Once I figure that out I will post a couple more pictures of NYC.


Jill said...

Me likey.


LucyH said...

Hey congratulations!

Allen and Rachel Knight said...

Hip Hip Horray for a Paycheck! You definitely deserve a little bit of return for all that "friggin" hard work! Well done! Happy days ahead.

Amanda said...

so fun. so proud. jared and i want to do a manhattan trip when he grads in december too. any tips?

Cara said...

Hail the conquering graduate! I'm so proud of you Stena! Your pay checks will make all the sacrifice worth it.
By the way you look great in lavendar!

amberbuck said...

YaY! Russell and I are so excited for you. We actually are wanting/needing to call you guys. Don't hate us cuz we haven't talked in a while. So excited that when we go to az we get to spend time with you again! I bet NYC was awesome, can't wait to see more pics.

Sara AlMadani said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I cant imagine how you feel! I cant wait to be the one walking in your shoes right now, for some reason I've always found the work field much more interesting than the whole studying crap haha. Im sure you're looking forward for a fulfilling future :)